Monday 8 August 2011

Card messages: Condolance & Sympathy

One of the hardest things is knowing what to write on the card accompanying your flowers, particularly on the occasion of a sympathy. We have collected a few suggestions to help you if you get stuck.

Simple messages appropriate for sympathy might be:
- We are thinking of you at this time
- With our deepest sympathy, or, With our sincere condolances
- We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers
- In loving memory of ...

Longer messages might include phrases like:
- We will always remember ..., and the way they always ....
- May your many happy memories of ... help to lift you through this difficult time.
- We extend to you our heartfelt sympathy on the passing of ...
- .... will always be remembered, and will live on in our hearts forever.
- May they rest in peace.

But if you can, take the time to sit down and breathe, and find those simple words from the heart.
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